FLOREXX INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LLC, the main player of the FLOREXX family, is an Integrated Bio, Green, and Renewable Energy Investment and Development Company. It has been established and created as a conglomerate platform for all its investments and development activities worldwide.

While FLOREXX investments and developments mandate are broad, our primary investment and development strategy is to leverage our enduring experience, investment and development track record with a strengthened focus in three key industry sectors – Environmental and Sustainable Bioenergy, Agribusiness through feedstock plantations to gain sustainability in the feedstocks supply to our green refineries, and Green Petrochemicals.

We work with the understanding that our choices and strategies we adopt today along with our ability to deliver favorable outcomes will influence the long-standing quality benefits that we produce. We are bold in our investments decisions and we will deliver our vision, mission and the overall objectives of our company by appropriately developing our projects.

Headquartered and registered in Dubai, Florexx operates under the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Florexx aims to contribute to the country’s economic and social growth through its diverse business interests, while maintaining its tradition of delivering excellence in all our endeavors.


We aim to be one of the most relevant and enduring global business group, to empower shared values and prosperity for the green and renewable energy markets and all other stakeholders that we serve.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 01 November 2016.


We aim to create a legacy by pioneering investments and developments in the Bio, Green and Renewable energy of the future in the Middle East and worldwide. With distinctive entrepreneurial strength, long-term vision, and commitment to national development, we fulfill our mission by maintaining high standards of business practices, generate sustainable growth and optimal returns to our shareholders, and continually improve the Economic, Social and Environment aspects of the world in which we operate, thus, creating a better tomorrow.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 01 November 2016.

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