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  • Our industrial partners and suppliers are committed to the continuous development of sustainable production of energy crops that have environmental benefits. Our core principles in carrying out our Bioenergy productions and planting of our intended feedstocks through our preferred suppliers are:
    • Fuel crops production should not displace food crops production
    • Use of only Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMO”) plant seeds or variant, which is not competing with human or animal food
    • Ensuring that energy crops do not displace carbon-rich rainforest or grassland
    • Energy crops must be sustainable in terms of how they impact upon land use, water supplies, and biodiversity
    • Planting, refining, trading and other operations conducted in accordance with the Best practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Countries that grow the crops for our bioenergy productions should benefit from their produce. We require our industrial partners and feedstock suppliers to abide by these principles
  • FLOREXX will form an independent Sustainability Board that will work in making assessment and sourcing of feedstock to deal with the challenges mentioned above
  • To lay down clear guidelines that are based on our choices and implement measures and form partnership to develop sustainable biofuels
  • Improved sustainability as part of our strategy for corporate governance, including direct board overseeing and increased accountability of environmental and social issues
  • Constructive dialogues with key company stakeholders on sustainability challenges, including employees, investors, NGOs, suppliers and consumers
  • To have an open reporting on sustainability strategies, goals, and accomplishments
  • Systematic performance improvements to achieve environmental neutrality and other sustainability goals across the entire value chain, including operations, supply chains, and product
  • The aviation industry has not yet agreed on a sustainability certification scheme; however, the third party recommended performing the assessment is Round table on Sustainable Biomaterials (“RSB”) – www.rsb.org
  • Innovation will play a key role for us, and our strategy includes the use of different feedstocks in producing our bioenergy as follows:
    • Our Bio Products will meet all specifications and certification of ASTM (USA) and EN standards in Europe
    • We shall have, “sustainability certification” for our Bioproducts and Feedstock use

The necessary solutions to these challenges are right in front of us. FLOREXX sees big opportunities from these challenges; this is the main motivating factor behind our pursuing bold projects that take sustainability to a new level. Our industry thrives on INNOVATION – it is the single most important predictor of our future growth, sustainability, and profitability as a company. To become successful in our business, it is essential that we focus on our capabilities and the ability to innovate, and to scale sustainable solutions exponentially across our entire business models, our supply chain, our feedstocks, and across all our bioenergy products. At FLOREXX, this is what we endeavor to achieve and put our company on a sustainable path. Total commitment to sustainability will do the job!

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