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We focus on taking great care in analyzing and selecting our feedstocks as we believe that our developed feedstocks largely determine the sustainability impacts of our biofuels. By assessing shipments on a case-by-case basis, we ensure the feedstock is truly sustainable to meet long-term requirements. For this, we lay emphasis on getting third-party certification, such as RSB as best in class, and thus, RSB-certify all our supply chains to make sure that they are all sustainable.


FLOREXX membership application is in partnership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). The RSB is a worldwide multi-stakeholder initiative that concentrates on bringing together farmers, corporations, NGO’s, experts, governments, and inter-governmental agencies that are concerned with encouraging and ensuring biomass sustainability development and biomaterial production and processing. Encompassing diverse environment, social and economic principles and criteria, RSB’s certification system is based on high sustainability standards.

We trust RSB to provide best in class guarantee on sustainability. The strong standard, multi-stakeholder process, mandatory field audits as a part of the certification process and the “all feedstock in all regions” approach make this standard exceptionally suitable for FLOREXX over a long period.


FLOREXX has a bold ambition to increase bioenergy fuel production in the Middle East by using sustainable feedstock. Our short and medium term strategies for sustainable biofuel production in the Middle East aim to achieve our ambition by considering the environmental impact of our products and by-products. By working in close partnership with strategic suppliers and recognizing their leadership roles, we ensure that continuous and consistent development on sustainable feedstock today and for years to come.

FLOREXX aims to invest and develop its own agribusiness by planting sustainable feedstock to sustain the feedstock requirements of our bioenergy business over a long term period. By creating strategic alliances and developing partnerships with various organizations, we aim to develop oilseeds plantations on strategic locations worldwide. With a high-level commitment to supporting our production and supply chains along with relevant sustainability initiatives, our strategic partners, leaders, stakeholders, and farmers in different parts of the world take a step ahead in participating in annual improvement plans that fall beyond the mandated lines of the European or International agricultural practices. These sustainable plans include optimizing agricultural inputs and encouraging biodiversity action plans to enhance the environment and natural habitats. Such actions have the prospect of increasing the available habitat for insects, including wild bees.


FLOREXX will use only Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) plant seeds as this main feedstock has received an overall positive advice and support from our relevant stakeholders and advisers. However, we continue to emphasize that this advice is based on the specific circumstances that apply to the development of this feedstock and may change/alter during the development stage of our project. As we move forward with our development strategies, the positive advice and applicability for this particular feedstock might be reformulated with new updates and emergence of information.


FLOREXX aims to invest and develop feedstocks, which do not compete or interfere with human foods. Together with our industrial partners, we are presently on an advance research and development stage to cultivate these non-edible crops for sustaining our feedstock requirements over a long period of time.

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