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“The best-planned strategies are worthless if it can’t be translated from concept to reality and even the best strategy can fail if an organization doesn’t have a team of leaders with the right capabilities at the right levels of the organization.”

Our world economy is facing unprecedented challenges from different sectors like soaring population growth, resource constraints, strong economic challenges, a warming climate, and other environment challenges. The strategic direction articulated in our vision and mission is our response to the challenges of delivering against our business strategy – competitive sustainable advantage – that is to produce high quality and sustainable advanced biofuels and other green energy – from sourcing our feedstock to delivering the finished products.

Using sustainable biomass feedstock is the key to producing our sustainable biofuels. We at FLOREXX aim to produce sustainable biofuels in the Middle East by adhering to viable and long-term strategy to address the growing concerns about the sustainability of advanced biofuels and our feedstocks.

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