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The Management Executive Committee (or “EXCOM”) at FLOREXX comprises of the CEO and the department heads. The primary role of the Management Executive Committee is to oversee the application of the overall strategic plans, aligning individual business unit priorities as per the requirements of our entities direction. The committee meets regularly in order to review the business performance, discuss company related issues and events, and identify areas of possible synergy and collaboration to achieve our objectives.

Our Management Team is comprised of highly accomplished professionals from around the world, belonging from diverse backgrounds and specializations, and has a proven record of being creative problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and practitioners in the fields of Business and Management, Finance & Accounting, Engineering, Project Management, IT, Marketing & Sales, Business Development, HRM, and Research & Development. With concerted efforts and the skills of our team, we cover all aspects of creating, organizing, financing, marketing, managing, solving technical and organizational challenges of our businesses.

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