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CSR and Beyond

Corporate Social Responsibility has been an integral part of our organization’s culture. To this end, FLOREXX takes a viable approach in reducing carbon footprints through our Bioenergy projects. We maintain high standards of business practices as we work toward generating sustainable growth and ensure optimal returns to our shareholders, and we do this while continually improving upon all aspects of the world in which we operate – Environment, Social, Economic – and adding values to the green energy markets, all designed to create a better tomorrow for all mankind.

FLOREXX Corporate Citizenship has become a critical component of our corporate and business planning. We believe that we can achieve greater success with our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives when our efforts are natural and are a logical extension of our business dealings. We have the necessary capabilities, skills, experience, and technologies to develop our operations in line with our commitments to making our world a better place to live in cooperation with local communities.

Our philanthropy programs comprise of the culture, supporting charities and NGOs at both the national and international level. We strive to create a positive impact on our communities through a number of programs in the areas of sustainability, health, and social welfare. Our charity programs reflect the dynamics and unique qualities of our employees through our company’s vision, mission, and shared values.

We are committed to developing sustainable prosperity in order to bring long-term economic and social benefits to all our stakeholders. To this end, FLOREXX donations are aimed at supporting initiatives that build social, economic, and cultural capacity, and create an economic and social legacy. FLOREXX donation policy has been developed to complement our Corporate Social Responsibility policy as well as our commitment to building a partnership with the communities in which we operate.

FLOREXX aims to produce sustainable Bioenergy in the Middle East, as it is environmentally friendly and reduces the emission of carbon footprints. We aim to develop products, which address climate change and global warming. We cooperate to do our best and to be a part in the global effort of healing our earth so that we can say… Together we can!

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