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Board Of Directors

As mandated by the Board Charter, the Board of Directors of FLOREXX establishes the vision, strategies, key policies, and procedures of the company, as well as the mechanisms to monitor, evaluate, and improve management performance.

The Board leads the review of the company’s vision and mission every year and revisits the annual corporate strategy and its implementation. The Board ensures the adequacy of internal control mechanisms for good governance and the proper implementation of the Company’s Business Control Framework, Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the designated Chairman of the Board and Dr. Eid Al Olayyan as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Mr. Saif is the founding Chairman of FLOREXX in the Middle East. With more than two decades of diversified experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship, Saif Ahmed Belhasa has embarked on a number of commercial ventures in the Middle East.

He graduated with a degree in Business Management from Al Ain University, UAE, in the year 1988, after which he pursued his higher education in Business Studies in the USA and enhanced his career further. Holding the position number 38 in the list of the strongest 500 Arabs published in 2013, and recipient of the prestigious CEO Middle East 2007 Business Expansion Award for Dubai’s most successful establishments, he has grown to be one of the most prominent business leaders of Dubai.


Dr. Eid Al Olayyan is the founding CEO of FLOREXX in the Middle East. Having been involved in several energy projects with top oil majors, traders, and consultants from around the world, Dr. Eid Al Olayyan has extensive knowledge about the energy industry and its operations.

With substantial experience, Dr. Eid Al Olayyan has been an active participant in the energy industry since 1977. After holding various management and leadership roles in the energy sector for the past three decades, he possesses an abounding knowledge about the national and international business community.

A Petroleum Engineer by profession, Dr. Eid Al Olayyan holds a PhD in Economics with his specialization in the Energy sector.

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