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Sustainable biomass feedstock is the key to producing sustainable biofuels

FLOREXX believes that sustainable biomass feedstock is the key to producing sustainable biofuels. With the aim to increase sustainable biofuel production in the Middle East, we adhere to integrated sustainability strategies that allow us to address the growing concern about the sustainability of advanced biofuels and feedstock in the country.


FLOREXX has a bold ambition to produce sustainable bioenergy fuels in the Middle East, and we wish to achieve this ambition without impacting the environment either in a good or bad way. Keeping the global impact and environment into consideration, we identify, invest and develop environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable feedstocks to not only sustain our long-term energy requirements but also for future expansions.

Biomass feedstock refers to all the sustainable and biological materials that are used in the production of fuels. Sustainable biomass is the key to successfully developing and producing sustainable biofuels. With the growing concern and questions about the sustainability of conventional biofuels that are derived from food crops, we carefully design and implement our agribusiness projects to control bioenergy impact on social and environmental issues and regulate the positive or negative effects of conventional biofuels and direct and indirect land use change.

FLOREXX strategy aims to focus on sustainable feedstock that offers reliability and scalability about food security, energy security, and CO2 emission reduction.

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