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FLOREXX INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LLC, the main player of the FLOREXX family, is an Integrated Bio, Green, and Renewable Energy Investment and Development Company. It has been established and created as a conglomerate platform for all its investments and development activities worldwide.

While FLOREXX investments and developments mandates are broad, our primary investment and development strategy is to leverage our enduring experience, investment and development track record with a strengthened focus in three key industry sectors – Environmental and Sustainable Bioenergy, Agribusiness through feedstock plantations to gain sustainability in the feedstocks supply to our green refineries, and Green Petrochemicals.

Our Projects

Bioenergy Refinery

To develop scalable, accessible, environmental, sustainable and renewable solutions, we at FLOREXX lays great emphasis on the production of green fuels to maximize the potential of energy and petrochemical landscape of the country and lead towards a better future.


FLOREXX believes that sustainable biomass feedstock is the key to producing sustainable biofuels. With the aim to increase sustainable biofuel production in the Middle East, we adhere to integrated sustainability strategies that allow us to address the growing concern about the sustainability of advanced biofuels and feedstocks.

Green Petrochemicals Refinery

FLOREXX strategic leaders have the capability to lay a strong foundation for the development of our first green petrochemicals in the Middle East. We make the best attempts to exploit our distinctive competitive advantage by investing and developing our petrochemical complex by using our Bio Energy Refinery by-products that are produced from sustainable feedstock and use them for the production of green petrochemicals in the Middle East.

Shipping Fleet

FLOREXX aims to create strategic excellence for all our businesses. One of the main ways that we achieve excellence is by acquiring shipping fleets to transport all the feedstock requirements of our refineries in the Middle East, as well as delivering our finished products to our patrons globally.

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“The best-planned strategies are worthless if it can’t be translated from concept to reality and even the best strategy can fail if an organization doesn’t have a team of leaders with the right capabilities at the right levels of the organization.”

Our world economy faces unprecedented challenges, whether from soaring population growth, resource constraints, strong economic challenges, a warming climate, and other environmental challenges. The strategic direction articulated in our vision and mission is our response to the challenges of delivering against our business strategy – competitive sustainable advantage – that is to produce high quality and sustainable advance biofuels and other green energy – from sourcing our feedstock to delivering the finished products.

Using sustainable biomass feedstock is the key to produce our sustainable biofuels. As we aim to produce sustainable biofuels in the Middle East, we aim to adhere to certain sustainability strategy in addressing the growing concern on sustainability of advanced biofuels and feedstocks for going forward.

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